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Your break-up,
on your terms

When your relationship breaks down you are going to face a whole lot of things you haven’t had to think about before – and you probably aren’t going to get it all right the first time round. It’s not the first time for us. No matter what your individual circumstances, there are stages you need to go through and practicalities that need to be sorted. We know the path and are here to help you navigate it.

First meeting

This is where we hear your story. It’s time to tell us what’s keeping you awake at night.

Meeting your ex

Now we sit down with your ex to hear their side of things.


Once we’ve met with both you we can start planning the best way for your family to move forward


You might want to talk about how much time you spend with your kids, how to co-parent or what’s going on at your ex’s place.


Money might be the biggest stressor in your life right now – how much is there and how much do you need?


The right mediation will go a long way in helping you explain where you stand or understanding your ex’s position.