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Legal fees and the costs of sorting out a break up can quickly become as stressful as the relationship was. We want that to be the least of your worries. We get that all families and relationships are different and that often requires creative problem solving but that doesn’t need pricing has to be fancy or tricky.

We charge a flat rate and will bill each of you separately unless we arrange something different with either of you. In most cases we keep property and parenting separate, but if there are only small issues we may be able to talk to you about combining them in one session.

Is mediation for me?

First meeting: $295 each

This is an initial meeting for each of you separately, where we hear you story and talk about whether we think mediation will work for you. You don’t need to bring anything. It’s time to tell us what’s keeping you awake at night – what you’re worried about and what you think is working OK. We won’t give you any legal advice but we will talk about the mediation process and what we need from you to make it work for you.

We need to meet you both but we will make individual appointments with each of you. If you aren’t sure how willing your ex is to participate, we will get in touch with them after we have spoken to you and go over things the same way we did with you.

The big day

First session: $650 each

Your first mediation session will last for up to 4 hours. Any longer and everyone’s brain goes a bit soft. It can be a tough day but we will keep the process on track and move you both in the right direction.

We will talk about how you want to split up your joint property and why. Or we will talk about how you are both going to spend time with your kids.

In most cases it works best to keep the two topics separate. Legally they are separate issues and emotionally then can be miles apart. We find it’s easier to nut out the best solution when you are completely focused on only one of these big ones at a time.

The day after

Subsequent session: $350 each

We think of this as a bit of a check-in – it runs for up to 2 hours and no, it’s very rarely the next day. If you have agreed on a property split but updated figures have thrown things a bit out of whack, or you were waiting to see what the house sold for, or you thought you could get those orders done yourself but then life got in the way – then it can help to sit down again with your mediator and finalise everything.

When you make plans around your kids it can help to give them a test run for a bit – it might be a big change for everyone and the kids take to it well . . . or maybe things aren’t going that swimmingly. A check-in lets you tweak parenting plans after a trial run of the practicalities.

If we didn’t get a chance to cover everything in your first session a subsequent session for new or additional topics will run just like a check-in.

Mediation packages

Where do we stand? $495

We are happy to customise any of the above depending on your circumstances – whether you need a bit of help or a lot. Our mediators are also trained collaborative family lawyers and we work with a network of professionals who can offer counselling, financial or legal advice. In many cases we can negotiate a fixed fee for these services and include them in an overall solution package for you.

We are happy to meet with you, or even you and your ex together to talk about a settlement strategy incorporating everything you need to start again separately. Our focus is on out of court solutions and setting you on a path that will help you resolve things as quickly as possible without breaking the bank.

It’s over:

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