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First meeting

Is mediation for me?

First we want to meet you – we will talk to your ex next, but we need to meet with each of you separately to hear you story and talk about whether we think mediation will work for you. You don’t need to bring anything. It’s time to tell us what’s keeping you awake at night – what you’re worried about and what you think is working OK. We won’t give you any legal advice but we will talk about the mediation process and what we need from you to find a solution for your new family dynamic.

We need to meet you both but we will make individual appointments with each of you. If you aren’t sure how willing your ex is to participate, we will get in touch with them after we have spoken to you and go over things the same way we did with you.

If we think you need some legal advice we can refer you to lawyers in our collaborative network who also focus on resolutions outside the Court process and will offer you one off and fixed fees.

It’s over:

What do I do now?

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