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You might want to talk about how much time you spend with your kids, how to co-parent or what’s going on at your ex’s place.


Parenting can be the hardest issue to work out during a separation.

Where and how your kids spend their time after separation can be a source of lots of conflict and can see both sides retreating to the trenches preparing to slog it out in court. But that is not the best way to get a good outcome, for your kids or for yourselves. In our experience mediation offers the best solutions for parenting which is why we recommend it for almost all of our parenting negotiations.

You will always have to co-parent with your ex – a simple fact which no-one likes to hear – and mediation gives you the opportunity to come up with creative solutions which work for your kids and for you. No-one expects you to be best friends but mediation gives you flexibility as your children grow and also preserves enough of your relationship to allow you the ability to co-parent effectively and also allows for both of you to have an ongoing constructive relationship with your children.

Legal fees and the costs of sorting out a break up can quickly become as stressful as the relationship was. We want that to be the least of your worries. We get that all families and relationships are different and that often requires creative problem solving but that doesn’t mean pricing which is fancy or tricky.

We charge a flat rate and will bill each of you separately unless we arrange something different with either of you. In most cases we keep property and parenting separate, but if there are only small issues we may be able to talk to you about combining them in one session.


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