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Decision making
- back in your hands

We are family dispute resolution practitioners and nationally accredited mediators with many years’ experience dealing with people in crisis. We are also lawyers, but don’t let that put you off. It means we get what you need to be talking about, the guidelines around your negotiation and what is likely to happen if talking doesn’t work.

We want to help keep you our of court and in control of the decisions that need to be made for your kids and for your future. We are problem solvers. You might need to think outside the box, you might need to consider something new. We want you to find the nest, workable solution for your family.

You can tell us what you need. You can tell us who your kids are and what they need. You can tell us about your ex. We can talk to you about things that have worked before that you might not have considered.

Putting it all together gives us he best shot at making sure you all set out on the next stage of your family’s path with dignity and your head held high.

Your mediation pathway

Staying on track

It can be tough. If you and your ex had a hard time communicating and working off the same page when you were together, it’s not going to be any easier now you aren’t.

If you didn’t listen to each other then, your fallback position now will be the same. We can help. There’s no magic wand and neither of you should expect the other person to change, but having one of our mediators in the conversation with you, can help keep you on track. We will remind you what’s important and help you see things differently. Now more than ever you have to step up for your family. You need things to work for your kids and you owe it to yourself to set up your best life from here. It’s emotional and it’s hard to do that yourself, sometimes its hard to see a way out of the white water.

We’ve worked with families like yours before, we’ve seen the still water on the horizon. We know you can get there.

Humans first
Susan Hewitt
I have worked as a collaborative lawyer, mediator and journalist for almost 30 years. I am committed each day to helping families through their relationship breakdown in an honest, cooperative and respectful manner.

With three young children of her own, she understands the impact family conflict can have on kids along with how tricky it can be to guide them through a family break-up.

"We have two ears and one mouth for a reason. So we can listen twice as much as we speak".

– Epictetus