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Susan Cohen-Hewitt

Susan has worked as a lawyer and journalist for nearly 30 years.

She has seen the consequences of adversarial breakdowns and as an accredited collaborative lawyer and mediator, is committed to finding a positive solution and outcome from relationship breakdowns.

Susan strongly believes in open, honest, negotiation and creative solutions-focussed problem solving

“I understand change can be a hard thing to accept and come to terms with. Having undergone significant life changes myself, and with three young children of my own, I am always conscious of the impact conflict in your own life has on everyone around you. Positive change that lets you move on and create a great life for yourself and your family is powerfully liberating.

“There are so many issues effecting families when there is a relationship breakdown and many of these fall outside pure legal options and considerations. Resolution often needs creative problem solving and I try to focus on the family problem as much as the individual problem, taking into account all the issues – legal and personal – that matter to you.”