Change isn’t good – it’s flipping great

Recently I was having coffee with a friend who’s had a pretty tough year. It’s time for her to move on and make some hard decisions.

She looked at me and sighed.

“I’m just not good with change,” she said.

I reckon most humans out there probably feel the same. There’s nothing like a groove – good, bad or indifferent it’s just an easy way to get through the day.

But days turn into weeks, then years, and then one day you wake up in a very different place than you ever planned to be.

And change hits you smack in the face.

It’s hard, it’s overwhelming, it’s exhausting. On the one hand.

On the flip side it’s just a little bit exciting.

Change isn’t the hurdle, change is what keeps us alive and then gives us another shot.

When it’s forced upon you – a relationship breakdown, a redundancy, or even one cake too many over the past couple of years – it can feel anything but positive or life affirming.

You don’t want to be there, you aren’t good with change.

But do you wear the same clothes year in year out? Watch the same TV show every day? Have the same conversation with your friends?

OK so maybe a little bit, but it’s pretty flipping boring.

Think about little changes and how great they make you feel – you’re in charge, moving and shaking. The little ones are easy, like a new orange shirt instead of blue, a different route on your morning run, breakfast for dinner.

But any big job is just a series of little ones. If you’re facing a monumental change – selling the house, going it alone, changing jobs – just think about the little steps. Get a valuation, see what else is out there, rewrite your CV – and in between take refuge back in your nicely grooved comfort zone, at least until the little steps make the big picture a lot less scary.

Nothing ever happens without change but with the right spin change is exactly what we all need. You just need to take it by the horns and make it the best possible change you can imagine.

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