It’s soooo not fair

I probably hear this 50 times a week.

“She got more them me!” “I did it last night!” “You get to stay up later than me!”

This week it’s been on high rotation – first my daughter had to go back to school a full day ahead of her brothers, thus disrupting her Netflix Strawberry Shortcake marathon a day early.

So unfair.

The brothers in turn had to spend the last day of their holidays cleaning the kitchen, ironing school shirts, clearing their desks, stripping beds and hanging out washing – because their usual slave had to go to work.

Oh the injustice.

I had a little whinge of my own because our fantastic cleaning lady took the week off, leaving me to tackle the bathroom in the middle of the night when all were asleep.

So so unfair.

And Dad had a complaint of his own. In his lopsided unfair life allocation he landed a wife who cleans without passion or love of the job, and wasn’t really doing much of a job of cleaning in the middle of the night when she claimed to be.

All the things that are so incredibly unfair but which none of the complainers in question really had any control over.

There’s no doubt there are things in life that are truly unfair and a great injustice and if you are in a position to take them on, challenge and change them – go, go, go!

But then there are the things that you just can’t control – a partner who has changed his mind, an economic downturn, a girlfriend who has fallen in love with someone else, a brother who is six years older than you.

Railing against the unfairness of things you can’t control is just banging your head against the proverbial.

It’s your life and there are so many ways you can take control of it and live the best life you can. So decide what you can and can’t control.

High on the list of can’ts is going to be all the people who have been negative before, who have played unfair, instigated unfair moves, or even done things you just don’t understand.

Forget all the unfairs that came before – look ahead and take control back.

You be the fair and reasonable person in your life.

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